Best Article Ever Written


Ask any Magic: The Gathering player what the latest buzz in the Magic world is and he will tell you that a freelance columnist going by the pen-name "dbuel" has written the "Best Article Ever."

"Pakistan Adds 21 Red Mana To Mana Pool," an inspired interpretation of current events with a Magic twist, was posted to MiseTings, a Magic-related humor web site, this past Friday. Replies to the article on the MiseTings message boards ranged from overwhelming praise to mentions of the Pulitzer Prize.

MiseTings aficionado James Kimbell was clearly familiar with all that MiseTings has to offer, with no less than five message board posts to his name. In his expert opinion, "Pakistan Adds 21 Red Mana To Mana Pool" was indeed the "Best. Article. Ever."

Good Man of the Week author Ken Krouner raved, "Despite the absolutely horrendous replies, that article is very funny."

Soon after his literary masterpiece was published, dbuel announced that it would be his last article, as "no future article [he] could ever write would even approach the incomprehensible hilarity within [his] defining work."

Ryan Golden, editor of Yershit.com, joined the critics with his opinion that dbuel's work of art was "complete shit" and "an example of [MiseTings editor Mike Bregoli's] bias toward articles that are not at all funny." He also added that this reporter is "also utter shit, whoever the fuck [he is]."

This noteworthy event comes on the heels of Alex Saltzberg's "Masked Rookie Wins Grinder," last Friday proclaimed as the greatest article ever written.

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