My Snakes: Part 1, by Shawn Fullerton


My Snakes: Part 1

by Shawn Fullerton

Hi, everyone! I'm Shawn Fullerton and this is my first article. I started playing in 4th edition and Mercadian Masks and then stopped for a little while in Mirrodian and then started again a few weeks ago with Champions of Kamagawa. My friends tell me I didn't miss much from Myrrodin except a bunch of artifacts and a banned card--Skullclamp--. So I started playing again with CHampions of Kamgawa because I've been interested in anime ever since i saw Cowboy Bebop

A little aside here. Cowboy Bebop is basically an awesome show with awesome music. You may think I'm a dork for watching anime (that's Japanese for "cartoons" but Japanese take their cartoons more seriously than we do here in America, for example Bebop). I also watched FLCL which is short for Fooly Cooly which doesn't mean anything but the show is totally crazy. Seriously, you have to watch it, I can't explain it.

So anyway I picked up a starter deck of Champions of Kamigawa and let me tell you it the best set I have seen since Invasion. Usually the cards have some dumb theme that ruin the block like Rebels or Mercenaries or Snow-Covered Lands or FLanking or the graveyard but Invasion and Champions' theme were just Good Cards! When designers in R&D are allowed to make good cards like this, well, the good cards are all in the set.

OK, so here's the point of my article: I made a deck with CHampions of Kamigawa and it goes 80% against my friends. Here's the list!

3 Seshiro (meet George Jetson)

3 Sosuke Son of Seshiro (his boy Elroy)

3 Sasha Daughter of Seshiro (daughter Judy)

3 Shisato, Whispering Hunter (Jane his wife)

4 Rampant Growth Guy (that's what R&Dcalls Sakura-Tribe Shaman, which is named after the main character from Card Captor Sakura)

4 Kodama's Reach (this card is AMAZING. some cards get you only one land but this one gets two)

4 Orochi Ranger (2/1 for 2 snake)

4 Flagmark of Konda (your snakes get HUGE with this)

4 Orochi Eggwatcher (a snake that MAKES SNAKES. AWESOME!)

4 Orochi Sustainer (it mana mana. In you go!)

2 Orochi Hatchery (infinite snakes that get HUGE with the snake guys)

16 Forest

4 green Legendary land (the one that gives a legend +1/+1. sooo useful)

Basically your game plan is to play some snakes then get a Snake legend into play and maybe give the legend a flag and swing for a million. Pretty simple, but I haven't seen anyone else play this deck. They should.

Here's a sample game I played with my friend Dave. Dave is a black player since gamma edition he says, but I don't think there even WAS a Gamma Edition. Anyway he plays lots of zombies and stuff but nothing my snakes can't handle. OK here's teh game:

T1: that green legendary land

T2: I only have another of that green legendary land and it would just die so ai Hold it.

T3: I topdeck a forest. Forest. Sakura Tribe Eleder. Sack the elder to get a forest from my library and put it into play tapped.

T4: I have three mana so I play Orochi Hatchery for 2.

T5: Another forest from the top! I play the Sachi I drew on turn 2, then tap her for 2 mana and play an Snake elf (the mana producer).

T6: make some snakes with the Hatchery and swing for two!


Turn 7 Dave played a Mutilate and killed the snakes I had out so I got PO'd at him and stopped writing it down. Suffice it to say that this deck is normally awesome unless your opponent plays cheap cards like MUltilate DAVE.

Here's a brief summary of my matchups against my other vfriends decks:

vs. Sean G's soldier deck:

I win a lot, like 80%. Soldiers aren't even a type of creature how dumb is that? LOL

vs. Alex's blue control deck:

I play some snakes and attack forever. He counters everything after turn 4 but I already have two snakes in play by then and he can't stop them.

Now when I build my decks I also look to teh future in addition to looking to the present. For example, Betrayers of Kamigaya is coming out in a few months and is just around the corner. That deck will probably contain Snakes because to my knowledge they didn't all die in the Kami war. Look for cheap snakes or snakes that give other snakes bonuses or cards that make many snakes. You might want to replace one or two of the legendary lands because I've found they sit in my hand a lot. (If I try to play them they just destroy my land.)


In conclusion, I hope you enjoyed my new favorite deck. It's pretty cool and I hope you play it to your liking. If you find any improvements you can make, please post in the forums and I will try to address your changes that you make.


Shawn Fullerton

Second-best Player In My Play Group